Our General Philosophy

Our aim is to provide day care for children from the age of three months to five years. All children who enter into our nursery will receive an excellent standard of care and education, according to their ability, whatever race, religion, culture, disability or gender. They will be nurtured in a safe, stimulating, secure and above all friendly environment. Parents will feel reassured that their children's best interests will be of primary concern, and they will at all times be treated with respect.

Our nursery is registered with OFSTED, and complies with all requirements of the Children Act 2002. We are regularly inspected, and have received good reports, which are available for you to read on request. Abacus hold a Platinum Healthy Eating Award and an Accredited Quality Assurance Award for Effective Early Learning.

Abacus fully recognises the contribution it has towards ensuring the welfare, safety and protection of all children enrolled in our setting and will always act in accordance with the Children Act 2006 in line with the Local Safeguarding children Board procedures (LSGB)

Our carefully planned curriculum offers each individual child the opportunity to discover and experience new heights in all areas of their development. Development is closely monitored so that stimulation does not exceed or undermine the children's ability.

Planned day trips are organised throughout the year, to provide variety for the children, and to build greater relations with our parents. We feel interaction between staff , parents and children is important in ensuring each child's happiness and stability both at home and in the nursery.

Almost all of our staff have professional nursery nursing qualifications from NNEBís or equivalent up to degree level. All staff meet statutory requirements, and are chosen for their experience, personality, enthusiasm, and above all their love of children.

If you have any concerns we will always be willing to discuss them, and will keep you well informed of your child's progress.

To enable all the above to happen the nursery is divided up into three sections.

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Abacus Childcare 2006.